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Criminals are getting smarter, your home security should be doing the same.

Posted on May 09 2020

Criminals are getting smarter, your home security should be doing the same.



There is just no getting away from it. With all its many beauties, the world can still be a dark and scary place. Having someone invite themselves into your home is a very unsettling feeling, even in thought. It robs you and your family of the things you work tirelessly to earn, which includes your peace of mind and treasured sense of security. But you can protect yourself from these predators, and from the financial and psychological devastation that follows a break in.


Contrary to popular belief, most break-ins happen during the day, when people are at work instead of at home.



Intruders are always finding more clever ways to get into your home while you're unaware. Thankfully, new advancements in home security technology gives you more options to keep them out. Along with these new tools that turn your home into a secure fortress, you can learn for yourself how criminals think and what to look for in order to protect your property.


Set up a home security system (that goes with you).

Burglaries are a major source of loss for thousands of Americans. Each year there are roughly 2.5 million burglaries committed, or 1 every 13 seconds, with 66% of those being residential homes. In these intrusions, the average homeowner loses over $2,200, with only an estimated 13% of them being solved by the police. Additionally, statistics show that homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be burglarized. With these startling statistics in mind, getting a security system is a smart investment that could save you time, money, and prevent immense disruption to your life.


Remote live video and alerts are some of the most popular features of modern home security systems.



With all kinds of home security systems on the market today, you can be proactive in protecting your property at an affordable cost. Look into cameras and gadgets that you can remotely monitor from anywhere in the world, checking for and securing unlocked doors, windows, garages, and get photographic evidence of any attempted intrusions to get the culprits caught and arrested. A good home security system can keep you one step ahead of burglars, allowing you to always monitor them or deter them completely.


What makes your property a prime target for thieves:

Although most burglars are desperate opportunists they all share one hope in common, not getting caught. For this reason, burglars tend to target homes and businesses that offer less difficulty and lower risk.


  • Tall fences and overgrown bushes - Although these may offer great privacy, they also give burglars cover to conduct their nefarious activities without interruption.


  • Mail Pile-up - An overloaded mailbox says that no one is home and is a welcome sign to burglars. If you plan on taking a trip, ask a friend to get your mail before it piles up.


  • Vacation social media posts - The pictures that you post to Instagram of you sipping piña colada on the beach may also be telling burglars it's a great time to help themselves to what you have. Try to limit posts that tell others you are away from home.   


  • Unlocked windows - Try not to leave windows unlocked or open. This is an invitation to criminals and gives them an easy access to your home. If you wish to let some fresh air in, do so while at home.


  • Leaving lights on - leaving your lights on while on vacation may seem like a good idea, but this can also tell criminals that your house is empty, giving them the green light to loot your valuables. It is best to integrate your light with your security system and set them on timer to give the appearance that someone is there.  


Signs that your house is possibly being prospected for a break in:

Burglars use sneaky tactics to pick their targets. It is important to know and look out for these subtle signs of your property being watched.


  • Strangers taking pictures of your home - If you see someone trying to inconspicuously take pictures of your property, it may not be because the lovely Perennials you have planted in your garden. Pay close attention as this may be someone going through the neighborhood looking at possible targets.


  • People snooping around - Pay attention to anyone that you see observing your property to closely. This could be someone watching you and looking for possible entry points. 


  • Strangers knocking on your door - Some burglars will walk up to your front door pretending to be salesmen, survey takers, ask to use the bathroom or anything else that will allow them to get inside for a closer look. Be careful of these random people stopping by.


  • Uncertified workers - This is one of the most popular ways that crooks gain access to your home. Make sure that the workers you employ are certified contractors. Burglars will use professional disguises to scope out your property and plan ways to enter later.


Where do home security systems step in to help you stay aware? Criminals are working overtime to take what you have, but with a good security system and knowledge of what to look for, you can deter the above behavior completely, or catch burglars in the act. Either way, with any kind of system in place, your assets and family gain peace of mind! 


  • Jeff: May 31, 2020

    Always on the lookout for people snoopin around my home, its good advice to keep tab

  • Neerav : December 05, 2018

    Yes, Criminals are getting smarter day by day so, our home security should be more secure.
    Thank you for sharing such information about home security system .
    I hope to see more such post.

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