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CamHome Sol 8S 1080p-HD Indoor Security Camera with Motion/Audio Sensor

$24.99 USD $39.99 USD

    The new Sol 8S is a discreet, 2-inch tall camera with a powerful set of security features!  Get video streaming and alerts anywhere, on your favorite Apple or Android smart device, through Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE.    
  • High definition 1080p video recording to your SD card, and streaming on Apple or Android devices over Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE networks.


  • Set up in minutes on your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network with just one code scan.


  • 24/7 nonstop HD recording to your card or motion event recording at your fingertips.


  • Receive pixel-algorithm motion alerts, day or night, right on your phone.


  • Two-way audio intercom between you and the camera with just a push.


  • Store weeks of footage on your own microSD card or utilize optional cloud storage.


  • Automatic re-connection if signal is lost, and continues to record even without Wi-Fi (SD card required).




    • See in the dark with up to 32 feet of infrared night vision with powerful infrared LEDs. Turn off the indicator lights at night with just one touch, eliminating light pollution.


    • Uses 2 sets of sensors, one for motion and one for sound, to provide you with immediate timestamped alerts anytime.


    • Rotate the camera on a ball joint, coupled with a 3' USB cable (extensions available online), pressure-sensitive sticker mount, and a light frame.


    • Record weeks of footage onto one local microSD card (up to 128GB, sold separately) that needs no management. Recordings automatically roll over your old files when your storage is near capacity.


    • Free, unlimited cloud storage for your motion alert photographs. Optional video cloud backup storage (for footage) to a Google hosted Cloud starting at just $2.99 a month. Not required to save footage if you insert a card.




    Cloud Storage Information


    All storage is rolling in nature. For example, if 3-day event recording is chosen, 3 days (72 hours) worth of footage will be saved in the cloud. When storage reaches capacity, the oldest footage is replaced by the newest, so recording never stops. Get cloud storage today with secure PayPal checkout!


    3 Day (72 hours) Rolling Storage

    Event based recording: $2.99 per month

    All-day recording: $3.99 per month


    7 Day (168 hours) Rolling Storage

    Event based recording: $4.99 per month

    All-day recording: $6.99 per month


    30 Day (720 hours) Rolling Storage

    Event based recording: $15.99 per month

    All-day recording: $21.99 per month



    ***ONVIF protocol available starting at the end of December, 2018! Connect with your PC or Mac computer for crystal clear vision on your desktop.


    Key Specifications: 

    Video resolution: 1080p
    Image compression: H.264 high profile 
    Storage: microSD card, up to 128GB 
    Mounting options: free mounting pressure sticker included
    Operating power: USB wire DC 5V, 1A, not by battery 
    Camera viewing angle: 115 degree wide lens
    Manual Rotation Angles: 360 degrees horizontal, 110 vertical 
    Night vision distance: best within 32 ft. 
    Two-way speech: high clarity mic and speaker
    Video flipping: one tap when mounting up-side-down


    Package Includes: 

    Sol 8S
    Power cord and adapter 
    Mounting kit
    Setup manual 

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